Dawn of the August Day - Martin Mojzis

Welcome to my internet gallery. You can find here fine art photographs. Created with love, large format, high quality. Almost landscapes and still-life. In my photographs is a lot of spiritual strength. To feel and perceive it, please view photographs slowly and with open, free soul. Listen to their quiet voices. They can bring you peace, silence and energy. Thank You for your visit.


31st October 2016

Farewell of the Indian Summer and Moment of Light, two new photographs in the gallery DIFFERENT LANDSCAPES.

29th September 2016

Green Mountain Vesper, new photograph in the gallery DIFFERENT LANDSCAPES.
Martin Mojzis Photography  

17th March 2016

Web is still under construction, but you can view, order and buy all exhibited artworks already.
Martin Mojzis Photography  

3rd February 2016

After almost two years, I am returning from Portfoliobox to my recent presentation. Must complete a lot of things, please be patient, it will take some time.
Photograph exhibited in 1X gallery.  

18th March 2014

My photograph SILENT LINES has been exhibited in the gallery 1X.