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Nikon D800?

So far, these are just rumors, but they are becoming increasingly clear. Nikon's new professional DSLR is emerging from the fog, a machine designed to replace the phenomenal D700. And as the launch period for new models lengthens, it is estimated that the new model should remain on the market for at least five years, rather longer. Its parameters also correspond to this (because video in professional SLRs bothers me, I don't mention these).

• Name D800.
• Sensor resolution 36 Mpx.
• Full-Frame (FX).
• Launch in the near future.

• 4 frames / sec., 6 in DX mode.
• A little later, another model without an AA filter should appear.
• Two memory card slots, 1x CF, 1x SD.
• Shutter life of about 200,000 cycles.
• ISO 100 - 6400, expandable to 50 - 25600.
• Price including tax approx. 3000 EUR.

Of course, most discussions are about sensor resolution. It is assumed, that its design and technical solution will be from Nikon and Sony will take over the production, ie the same model as, for example, the D3X. Sony now produces for some of its mirrorless models (types I no longer remember) small, due to the dimensions and resolution, paradoxically high-quality sensors, the density of which, when increased to FX format, we get about 37.5 Mpx. Resolution should therefore not be a problem, especially if we remember, how better the sensor in the D3X worked compared to the Sony A900 (noise, dynamics).

There are also concerns about the diffraction of existing lenses even with small apertures, but I wouldn't be afraid of that either. If anyone remembers the Lens Review on, when the Nyquist frequency limit was still marked in them, perhaps they will also remember how much the new lenses exceeded this limit on the D3X as well. Of course, with such a "hungry" sensor, they will hardly reach it, hence the logic for the model without AA filter. If Nikon really decides to do this, it will not only be a breakthrough in the marketing communication of major market players, but also a disaster for my wallet, because, like most photographers, I will find use for both models, with and without AA ...

© Martin Mojzis.
Prague, October 5, 2011.

Nikon D700 photograph (D800 is still not available): © Nikon Press International.

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