Martin Mojzis / Fine Art Photography and Graphic Art Atelier.



My photographs are images from the world of silence and serenity. They allow us to feel the connections, which sometimes we sense, but usually fail to listen to their silent voice so much, so that we can perceive and to experience them. Images are sometimes silent and soothing, sometimes urgent and alarming, showing the moments, when the silence and calm we themselves, through our own fault, lose. A frequent motif is testimony transience of human behavior, which I perceive a especially strongly, showing how things and acts, that harmonized with eternal laws persist, and short-sighted, selfish, self-centered human efforts to oppose age-old order of things, are sooner or later forgotten, blown away and transformed into the debris and dust.

Technical quality of the photographs in any way is not far behind in their intensity of the message. Also very large format prints can be viewed closer and closer and find in them more and more details and context. However, the strength of these works lies in the whole, in particular unifications of moments, places and events, that are witnesses of my way to knowledge of the world, people, and, ultimately, myself.

To the silence and peace belong solitude, are so rarely found in photographs the human beings. My view is often straightforward, stern; but his strength perceptive viewer cleansed from the superficial accretions and allows him to look into the depth of things and events. Here he will find a real peace and quiet, for which many of us so often subconsciously desire, but only rarely find them.

Galleries contain original photographies, hand made and signed personally by author. All photographs can be purchased in many different sizes. For more information please visit page â–ºBuy a print.